I am a PhD student, serving my academic overlords on the weekdays. Outside of work:

🐎 I am into running and working out. That’s only because I’m trying to make up for a crapy personality.

📗 Love reading, especially books on History.

✏️ I am volunteer teacher for 5yr old kids at the local Sunday school. This is primarily because I love the feeling of walking into a room and knowing I’m the smartest one there.

🍩 I love going to events for free food. You know… to support their cause or whatever.

☕ My chai is better than most drugs…well most, not all.

Statisfied Customers:

He's pretty ok~ The New York Times

I'm surprised he's made it this far in life ~ Former Roommate

I have him on permanent voicemail. He really needs to stop calling me. ~ Mom